The Forgive List. Forgiveness is an extremely powerful healing Water Freedom System strategy. Why? Because without it your full ability to love and be kind is compromised. At the top of this list should be you, specifically all of the things you have not forgiven yourself for doing or not doing, including what you have labeled as failures. Write each of them down and each morning look at the list and what you will forgive yourself for today. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to forgive yourself and halt limiting beliefs from stressing you out. Get rid of these emotional scars.

Next on the list should be the people you hold grudges against and have not forgiven. They might be people who said the wrong thing at the wrong time, who didn't give you help when needed, or who hurt you at different stages in life. Rid yourself of all of these burdens by forgiving. Sit quietly, see each person in your thoughts and voice the words, "I forgive."

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